Whether you know him as Anthony Robbins or Tony Robbins, Anthony Robbins is one of the leading personal development speakers in the world.

Born in 1960 Anthony Robbins has over 30 years experience of working with indiviudals and groups to coach them to what he calls “peak performance”.

Having worked early on in his career with Jim Rohn, another personal development speaker, and then with John Grinder, a co-founder of neuro-linguistic programming ( nlp ), Tony has developed his own ideas, books and seminar-based courses.

He has adapted nlp a little to match his view of human beings and call sthis neuro-associative conditioning. The difference being the emphasis on the fact that people aren’t programmed by others, rather that thye can take control of their own thought processes through a process of conditioning themselves.

Anthony Robbins runs live seminars around the world, has published several audio programs, from Get The Edge, to Personal Power and written several books, most notable Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within.